TLH#310 Thy Table I Approach

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1. Thy Table I approach;
Dear Savior, hear my prayer;
Oh, let no unrepented sin
Prove hurtful to me there!

2. Lo, I confess my sins
And mourn their wretched bands;
A contrite heart is sure to find
Forgiveness at Thy hands.

3. Thy body and Thy blood,
Once slain and shed for me,
Are taken here with mouth and soul,
I blest reality.

4. Search not how this takes place,
This wondrous mystery;
God can accomplish vastly more
Than seemeth plain to thee.

5. Vouchsafe, O blessed Lord,
That earth and hell combined
May ne'er about this Sacrament
A doubt raise in my mind.

6. Oh, may I never fail
To thank Thee day and night
For Thy true body and true blood,
O God, my Peace and Light!


Services in which this hymn was featured:

   Sun Sep 04, 2022 Trinity 12

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