TLH#398 Renew Me, O Eternal Light

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1. Renew me, O eternal Light,
And let my heart and soul be bright,
Illumined with the light of grace
That issues from Thy holy face.

2. Destroy in me the lust of sin;
From all impureness make me clean.
Oh, grant me pow'r and strength, my God,
To strive against my flesh and blood.

3. Create in me a new heart, Lord,
That gladly I obey Thy Word.
And naught but what Thou wilt, desire;
With such new life my soul inspire.

4. Grant that I only Thee may love
And seek those things which are above
Till I behold Thee face to face,
O Light eternal, through Thy grace.


Services in which this hymn was featured:

   Sun Sep 05, 2021 Trinity 14

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