TLH#517 The Will of God Is Always Best

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1. The will of God is always best
And shall be done forever;
And they who trust in Him are blest,
He will forsake them never.
He helps indeed
In time of need,
He chastens with forbearing;
They who depend
On God, their Friend,
Shall not be left despairing.

2. God is my Comfort and my Trust,
My Hope and Life abiding;
And to His counsel, wise and just,
I yield, in Him confiding.
The very hairs,
His Word declares,
Upon my head He numbers.
By night and day
God is my Stay,
He never sleeps nor slumbers.

3. Lord Jesus, this I ask of Thee,
Deny me not this favor:
When Satan sorely troubles me,
Then do not let me waver.
Keep watch and ward,
O gracious Lord,
Fulfil Thy faithful saying:
Who doth believe
He shall receive
An answer to his praying.

4. When life's brief course on earth is run
And I this world am leaving,
Grant me to say: "Thy will be done,"
By faith to Thee still cleaving.
My heav'nly Friend, I now commend
My soul into Thy keeping,
O'er sin and hell,
And death as well,
Thro' Thee the vict'ry reaping.


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