Links to Other Confessional Lutheran Websites

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
- This is the website of our denomination

Concordia Publishing House
- The Missouri Synod's publishing house. An expanding collection of superb books, curricula, and supplies. Check it out.

Issues, Etc.
- The best, most substantive show on Christian radio.

Repristination Press
- a source for excellent classics of Lutheran doctrine and exegesis. Also the source for the Book of Concord containing the English text only from the Concordia Triglotta.

Mark V Publications
- Pr. Joel Baseley's website where one can browse and purchase Pr. Baseley's translations of Luther and Walther as well as books authored by the man himself.

Good News for the Diaspora
- Articles, inserts, bulletin covers, etc.

Table Talk Radio
- Unique radio program featuring Pr. Brian Wolffmueller and seminarian Evan Goeglin.

Pirate Christian Radio
- the home station of Issues, Etc. and several other excellent Lutheran radio programs.

Congregation Locater
- are you travelling or moving and want to find a good liturgical congregation and avoid the crazy contemporary fluff that's out there? Check this website for info about liturgical congregations in the location of your choice.

Brothers of John the Steadfast
- News and articles about issues and developments in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Confessional Lutherans for Christ's Commission
- Similar to the above but geared more toward laymen.

Radical Grace
- a new Lutheran Radio program from Florida. Check it out.

Worldview Everlasting
- Videos published by Pr. Jonathan Fisk. Very contemporary presentation of the truth of the Word.

Wittenberg Trail
- Kind of a "Facebook" for Lutherans. Lots of features. Enjoy.

...more to come